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Tres Wittum

I am a college student, and so you have the long college nights, or you know, just staying out, hanging out, sports, studying. You know, you are like ‘Well, I gotta stay up, I gotta stay up’. So you go out and you get the energy drinks. Or you get coffee. And it’s always, you always get the energy drink, coffee buzz. The OPC Factor is nothing like that. And I would recommend it to college students in general because it is more—it is healthier. It’s—the OPC Factor just brings a burst of energy to where it kind of clears your head and just kind of really gets you ready, and it is nothing like the energy drinks. It is the real deal.

When I first started taking OPC Factor, it is almost an immediate response. I noticed immediately actually off my first drink that I took the OPC Factor. Just a burst of energy, but it was natural burse of energy. It was not a burst of energy as if you drank a cup of coffee, or if you had an energy drink. It wasn’t a sugar energy. It was more just a natural energy feeling. And so that’s what first made me kind of wonder was it in my head or was it really just the OPC Factor? And immediately I believed the second day is when I was like ‘It’s that OPC Factor.”