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Ray Smith

What really got me hooked on OPC is I was working in the back yard with a weed eater for about 2 ½ hours.And the next morning, I could not move my left arm or shoulder.It was just totally immobilized.I had never experienced anything like that.And for a year, it gave me a problem.And when I first started taking OPC, it wasn’t about a few days later, it totally was gone, as though it had not happened.And now I can go out and like you said, I can drive fence posts into the ground and work all day long with it, and as long as I am on my OPC, I may be a little sore; but it is nothing like it used to be before I took OPC Factor.

Every time I work hard, I do a double dose of OPC Factor because I know I am going to get back to norm real quick.You are going to be sore.You are going to feel some of that, but not near as much as you if you were not on OPC Factor.

OPC Factor is such a unique product.I have never found anything like it before that I can feel just, just almost within minutes of it helping my body.And I really like that.It is an amazing product. I would highly recommend OPC Factor to anyone.

Well, we are very health conscious people—me and my wife.And I don’t have a lot of time.She has time.I don’t.Okay.And I want something that is quick.I want something that works quickly.And OPC Factor works better for me than anything I have taken.It makes me feel younger, more vitalized; and I can go longer.And, my days run about 16 hours a day.And it’s is—I get up in the morning with the pedal to the metal, and I’m gone.Okay.That is what I like about OPC.I mix it.I can drink it right then and I can take it with me.I like the little individual packs because wherever I go, I can take it with me.I like that.