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Lewis McNeely

My favorite thing about OPC is the fact that so many nutrients are right there all together in one supplement. You don’t have to take multitudes of vitamins. You don’t have to take multitudes of supplements. Basically, you have it all there. You take it in a small amount. It tastes good. So my favorite thing, I guess, would be the amount of nutrition you get in one serving.

Most of us don’t get all the nutrients that we need in our day-to-day meals. And certainly with my lifestyle, I have a very hectic lifestyle. I have three businesses. I am a pastor of a church. And so especially on those days that I start feeling like I am getting a little drained, I will go ahead and take two servings of OPC.

I believe OPC Factor does help me to have a little more stamina. You know, the way our bodies operate, our bodies operate like a machine. And they require fuel. And many of the ingredients that are in OPC Factor are the very things that our body needs to be fueled to keep the stamina, to keep the energy. And so, I believe by taking OPC Factor it’s is kind of like I am running on premium fuel all day long.

Because OPC Factor is so loaded with antioxidants, I believe that, of course, by the studies that have been shown concerning antioxidants in general, I believe that it’s like a constant cleansing of the blood. It is like filtering out the blood, cleaning the blood. Keeping your blood and your circulation flowing well. So, I believe OPC Factor is like an oil change.

You know, a lot of times, first thing in the morning what I’ll do is I’ll take some OPC Factor very first thing in the morning, kind of as like my initial breakfast. Because I feel like, well, you know, with my schedule, I don’t eat a lot of breakfast. I’m not very hungry in the morning, but I know that my body needs something good to keep it going all day. And so I go ahead and take some OPC Factor first thing in the morning. It tastes good. It is almost like having a little mini breakfast. And then it usually carries me right on into lunchtime, where then I’ll have a full meal.