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Lee Ann Charles

Well, I have been taking OPC Factor for probably going on 11 years now. I take it first thing in the morning. I can just tell a difference when I take it first thing in the morning. It just gets me going. And I can tell if I forget. You know, you kinda wonder, “Oh, what’s going on today? I don’t have as much energy as I normally have.”

Our children are just in college age- but even when they were in high school, I would often, often hear that ‘this can’t be your mom. She looks like she is one of your friends.’ So, which we are friends, which is wonderful. It is great to be friends with your teenagers, but the reason is because OPC Factor is an anti-aging. And I have really seen that happen when I’ve been consistent taking it for so long. If there is anything that somebody would take if they had a choice, I would say absolutely, take your antioxidants. Because that is what is causing the aging process. That is what is causing our cells to deteriorate, and how can we be young and vibrant when our cells are deteriorating?

Well, just over the years, as I have had so many people say, “I can’t believe that you are nearly 50”. In a few months, I will be 50. And, so this is like my little secret to anti aging, but I’d be glad to tell everybody else about. So, be sure that you are taking your OPC. You will not regret it. Just be consistent year after year after year. It takes times sometimes for our body to heal, and if you are consistent our body was created to heal itself, and it will heal itself when we are giving it good things that it needs.