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Adam Treece

With living a busy life like I do and my career field requires a lot of physical activity, so I have to do a lot of running. I have to do a lot of weight training. Things of this nature. It is—OPC Factor—it really helped me to get the extra reps in and to help me run a lot better. It actually made me feel a lot better. It actually made me feel like running in the morning, which was a lot better than what it used to be.

At first, I didn’t think it was important to take nutritional supplements, but after taking OPC Factor I realized how much it helped me get more energy. How much it helped me have more of a fuller day, in the place of just going to work and coming home.

The first time I tried OPC Factor, the taste of it was kind of hard to get used to. But after about a week of it, it is just a normal thing and I feel lost without taking OPC.

I would say OPC Factor is better than taking pill supplements every morning. And the reason I say that is every morning I get up. I take OPC Factor in the place of searching through tons of bottles of different kind of vitamins, different kind of this and that. Gotta do this and that. OPC just covers it with just one drink. One drink and you are done.

I would say OPC Factor is very affordable considering the fact that it has everything you need in it in one dose. And it actually can last one or two months, depending on how often you take it. It is easier to take that one packet than it is to fumble through a bunch of different vitamins every morning, or going to your pharmacy and taking A through Z and not knowing what it is actually doing for you or feeling any results.

OPC Factor is the easiest, most efficient thing I have ever done for my health.