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Enhanced Formula OPC Factor

The One Minute Life Giving Habit

New enhanced formula has double the serving of our proprietary blend of super-antioxidant OPCs and double the antioxidant protection.

  • 22x the super antioxidant power of the original
  • 2Natural enhancers added for improved focus and clarity
  • 2Stress-reducing ingredients promote better sleep

Our Ingredient Philosophy

Our Bodies Crave Great Ingredients

OPC Factor is a specially formulated blend of essential vitamins, trace minerals, plant enzymes, cruciferous vegetables and antioxidants. It's the ingredients you'll still be missing if you eat a healthy diet.

What makes it special is the 97% bio availability rate. It's effervescent, isotonic and when you combine it with 5 ounces it becomes the same pH as your blood and tears and is thus absorbed in minutes.

And because antioxidants need protected from oxygen, each serving is individually foil wrapped.


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Trace Minerals
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Enhanced Formula OPC Factor is an enhanced, mega-dose of the original full-spectrum, fast-working & bioavailable, super antioxidant blend that delivers increased energy and helps reduce pain and other age related symptoms by slowing the aging process.

Patented and clinically-tested, natural ingredients that help to:

  • Fight Free Radical Damage
  • Protect Your Body’s Cells Against Oxidative Stress
  • Nourish Your Cells
  • Support Your Body For Optimum Health, Beauty And Well Being
  • and much more…

Twice the Power = Twice the Protection

Look what we’ve added to our Enhanced Formula

  • 100% more OPCs & Super Antioxidants
  • 1500% more Chromium
  • 900% more Vitamin D3
  • 67% more Vitamin C
  • 317% more Vitamin B12
  • 53% more Potassium
  • 23% more isotonic effervescent power
  • The addition of Withania somnifera

Learn more about the differences between Enhanced Formula and our Original Formula.

My husband and I tried OPC Factor for just a few days and I have to say that I am amazed that I could tell a difference.

—Joy ARead more testimonials

The Difference is the Delivery

What puts our OPC Factor line of products ahead of their class is their liquid, isotonic formula which mimics the body’s natural pH levels

glass of OPC FactorWhy is this important? This makes OPC Factor bioavailable to be accepted by the body’s cells. OPC Factor is the first all-natural formula powered by a revolutionary, high-speed isotonic ‘liquid’ delivery system which mimics the body’s natural pH levels. In fact, when mixed with five ounces of water, OPC Factor has the same pH levels as your own blood and tears. This means that OPC Factor’s super-antioxidants and nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed with an amazing bioavailability rate of up to 97 percent. Watch how our delivery system works.

More Energy, Improved Concentration and Less Stress

Withania somnifera herbEnhanced Formula OPC Factor helps to enhance both energy and sleep with the addition of Withania somnifera, an herb native to India known for its adaptogenic properties, which helps normalize and regulate the systems of the body. W. somnifera adds many new health benefits to OPC Factor including the support of reduced stress, improved concentration, increased energy levels and more restful sleep. Enhanced Formula OPC Factor contains an ‘exclusive’ patented form of W. somnifera in which clinical studies showed that it decreases levels of forgetfulness by 48%, stress by 62% and sleeplessness by 71%.

All Natural, Even the Sweetener

The leaf of the stevia plantEach time you take a packet of Enhanced Formula OPC Factor you take ingredients which are 100% natural—right down to the sweetener. In fact, Stevia—the zero-calorie sweetener we use to help our formula be sugar-free and taste great, is not only natural (from the leaf of the Stevia rebaudiana), it also has health benefits of its own including to help lower blood sugar for those suffering from diabetes. Stevia is even thought to help reduce blood pressure and improve heart health.

Nature’s Defense Against Free Radicals & Oxidation

oxidation turning an apple slice brown

It is widely accepted by scientists and physicians that oxidation is a leading cause of disease and bodily deterioration. This process—seen in the discoloration of apples, bananas and avocados or rusting metal—is the slow deterioration of matter as a result of chemical reactions involving oxygen and the presence of unstable atoms called free radicals. This same process can occur inside the cells in our bodies. When free radicals are allowed to wreak havoc over long periods of time in the body, the damage they cause can compromise the health of the cells and eventually lead to a variety of health conditions.

The best defense against oxidation is the antioxidant (“anti” + “oxidation”). Enhanced Formula OPC Factor was formulated with a superior blend of the most powerful antioxidants (OPCs) on Earth to be a healthy defense against free radical damage and oxidative stress. Watch how OPC Factor works.