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History of OPCs

You may think OPCs are a new discovery, but in fact, they have been helping to fight off disease for centuries.


After landing in present-day Canada, French explorer Jacques Cartier, with guidance from a local tribe, first observes the benefits of pine bark to overcome scurvy among his dying crew.

Jacques Cartier
This wonderful tree has done in less than a week what all the physicians of Louvain and Montpellier, using all the drugs of Alexandria, would not be able to accomplish in a year.
—Jacques Cartier, Voyages au Canada.

French scientist Jacques Masquelier reads about Cartier’s experience and identifies the specific health benefits of the Canadian Aneeda (white cedar) tree, which contained bioflavonoids (plant enzymes) and the needles contained Vitamin C.


Masquelier demonstrates the positive effects of his Pine Bark OPCs complex on eye health.

eye engraving


Professor Masquelier discovers that the same bioflavonoids found in the Aneeda tree were more readily available in grape seeds; Masquelier termed the bioflavonoids oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPC. Today, grape seeds prevail as the most abundant supplier of OPC around the globe.


A multitude of clinical studies are preformed on the application of OPC with positive effects in cardiovascular and circulatory health for legs and eyes.

engraving of a heart

David Pillott formulates these super-antioxidants into the very first version of OPC Factor.


Cell Essentials (CE) is created and launches an improved OPC Factor.


60 Minutes airs "The French Paradox" raising public awareness of the value of OPCs based on research that the French may have lower rates of heart attacks tied to OPC intake in red wine.


Cell Essentials introduces Ultra Probiotic to promote immune health by restoring critical intestinal flora with 10 billion live bacteria in each capsule.


OPC Factor begins using Stevia as natural sweetener.


Enhanced OPC Factor launches, which increases the amount of key ingredients and adds vitamin D3 and Ashwaghanda (Withania Somnifera is a huge adaptogen component which supports improved concentration, clarity, and memory).


Cell Essentials releases blood sugar management supplement: Control.